Thank You, Charleston CFO Council and Upstate CFO Council

December 02, 2019


The Charleston CFO Council and the Upstate CFO Council (both in South Carolina) are amazing supporters of the EFWA.  In 2019 they donated over $21,000 to our foundation, and that brings the total of the past five years to more than $60,000.  We have been able to offer more scholarships in recent years thanks to their support.  

We appreciate their leader, Robert Bendetti, and their sponsors: Clayton V. Thomason, Doug Snyder, CPA, CGMA, Frank Wells, Pat McDermott, Doug Matney, David Cann, Paul Evangelist, CPA, CGMA, Mike Stokes, Rutledge Baker, John Bacak, Daniel Reed, Andy Gainor, and Chuck Rowland. Thank you also to our EFWA board members Alexandra Miller and Blane Ruschak for attending the annual dinner meeting to receive the check.